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Bernice Stott – Art

“Art evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist” Réne- Francois Magritte.

The human narrative holds mystery for me and is at the centre of my work.  I am also intrigued by the female body in contemporary South Africa. Currently I am painting and making sculpture although photography has led me to into the media of video and performance art. A post graduate degree in Drama was followed by a Masters in Fine Arts at Durban University of Technology and I taught in the Drama and Performance Studies Department (UKZN) for several years. Art making feeds my soul: it is a place of solitude yet it provides me with an engagement of both my internal and external life.

– Take A Look Through My Artist’s Timeline Below – 

1980 – Bachelor of Arts, University of Natal

1981 – Bachelor of Arts Honours (Cum Laude), University of Natal

1995 – 2000 Natal Society of the Arts, Pascale Chandler Group Exhibitions

1997 – Theological Education by Extension, Diploma in Theology (with distinction)

2000 – National Diploma in Fine Arts (with distinction), Technikon Natal

2001 – Won Technikon Natal Research Day Prize: Faculty of Arts

2002 – Natal Society of the Arts Solo Exhibition, “The colours that come back to you from the world”

2002 – Bachelors Degree in Technology Fine Arts (Cum Laude), Technikon Natal

2003 – Artspace Durban Group Photography Exhibition: “Hypo” Curator: Dean Elliott

2003 – Artscene Cafe Solo Exhibition: “Skye”

2004 – An Evaluation Of Resistances In Selected Works Of Jane Alexander, Jenny Saville and Tracy Rose between 1900 and 2001. In: International Workshop on Gender and Visuality Workshop Papers. Conference held at the University of the Western Cape, Bellville

2004 – Natal Society Of The Arts Group Exhibition: “Triptych” Curator: Janse Van Rensburg

2004 – Pulse Project HIV(E). Pulse is a partner with RAIN – Rijks Artisits Initiative Network and is the brainchild of Rijks Academy in Amsterdam, Holland

2005 – Bharucha, R. Stott, B. and Mrobo, N. (eds.) 2005. Tangencya Conversations: The Politics of Touch. Durban, Printer: Art Printers

2005 – artSPACE Durban. Master’s Solo Exhibition: “She-Flesh-Spirit”

2005 – KwaZulu Natal Society of the Arts Group Exhibition: “Centenary” Curator: Storm Janse Van Rensburg

2005 – Won the Durban Institute of Technology Research Day Prize: Faculty of Arts

2005 – KwaZulu Natal Society Of the Arts: A photographic book of 106 KwaZulu-Natal Artists in their studios and workspaces. Durban, Printer: Fishwicks

2006 – Durban Art Gallery. Peter Magubane’s “Madiba Man Of Destiny” Co-curator with Jenny Stretton and Carol Brown

2006 – The Reconstitution of African Women’s Spiritualities in the context of the Amazwi Abesifazane (Voices of Women) Project on KwaZulu Natal (1998-2005). Masters dissertation. Durban University of Technology.

2006 – Masters Degree in Technology Fine Arts, Durban University of Technology

2006 – Full time Art and Theatre Director: YMCA International Conference for 1 year

2006 – Durban Art Gallery. “Ubuntu: Striving Together For Life and Peace” Co-curator with Jenny Stretton and Carol Brown

2007 – KZNSA Group Exhibition: “Marks On Paper”. Curators: Pascale Chandler and Marianne Meijer

2007 – 2012 – Chairperson of Umthombo Street Children – South Africa. Oversight of the resident Artist for Umthombo Street Children

2007 – Constitution Hill Women’s Jail Solo Exhibition: “She-Flesh-Spirit”

2007 – Albany Museum Grahamstown Festival Group Exhibition: “Positive 2007” Curator: Carol Brown

2010 – The Foundling Museum, London.  “One Voice”.  Group Exhibition.  Curator: John Wroe.

2010 – Durban Art Gallery. “Red Eye Jomba: Body Politic”. Group Exhibition. Curators: David Gouldie and Jenny Stretton.

2010 – The Cape Institute for Architecture. “Working In Warwick”. An exhibition of Dennis Gilbert’s photographs. Curator: Bernice Stott.

2010 – The Quays on Timeball, Durban. “Every One Counts” Group Exhibition. Curator: Joan Martin.

2011 – Durban University of Technology with the KZNSA. “Shut up and sit down”: Censorship and the Arts Seminar. Initiator and Project Manager: Bernice Stott.

2011 – The SA Informal City Exhibition hosted by Architects’ Collective. Curator of the “Working in Warwick” exhibition within the larger exhibition. The Bus Factory, Johannesburg.

2012 – artSPACE, Durban. “Inspiration 3” Group Exhibition. Curator: Karen Bradtke.

2013 – ABSA KKNK, Oudtshoorn. “Tom Waits For No Man” Group Exhibition. Curator: Gordon Froud.

2013 – University Of Johannesburg Gallery. “Tom Waits For No Man” Group Exhibition. Curator: Gordon Froud.

2013 – artSPACE, Durban. “Litmus Skin” Solo Exhibition.

2013 – Grande Provenance Gallery, Franshoek. “Tom Waits For No Man” Group Exhibition. Curator: Gordon Froud.

2013 – Johannes Stegmann Gallery, Bloemfontein. “Tom Waits For No Man” Group Exhibition. Curator: Gordon Froud.

2014 – Gallery On Leviseur, Bloemfontein. “Litmus Skin”. In association with Art Source South Africa.

2014 – artSPACE, Durban. “Affordable Art”. Group Exhibition. Curator: Karen Bradtke.

2014 – artSPACE, Durban. “Liquid Light: Forms Drawn From Water”. Solo exhibition.

2015 – Lizamore and Associates. “The Spiritual In The Material”. Group Exhibition. Curator: Les Cohn.

2015/16 – artSPACE, Durban. “13th Annual Affordable Art”. Group Exhibition. Curator: Karen Bradtke.

2015 – artSPACE, Durban. “Anima-Aminus”. Exhibition. Bernice Stott with swany.

2015 – artSPACE, Durban. “Durban – Yesterday, Now and Tomorrow”. Inspiration VI – Group Exhibition. Curator: Karen Bradtke.

2016 – KZNSA “Invisible”. Annual Members Exhibition.

2016/17 – artSPACE, Durban. “Affordable Art”. Group Exhibition. Curator: Karen Bradtke.

2017 – KZNSA “Character”. Annual Members Exhibition.

2018 – Artplus Studio 32, Umhlanga. “Everything I Never Told You”. Solo Exhibition.

I take on commission based art work, for corporate and private collectors.

The Artist’s Way

Countless forces align on the side of not creating. You bravely write a novel; no publisher buys it; what do you do next? You paint; beauty eludes you; what do you do next? The Artist Way course is a 12-week course designed to address the particular issues that hold back our creativity. It is an art coaching course not an art making course. Learning to work as a creative person, whether as a non-artist or artist, needs one to engage with self-coaching techniques. 

“This course really has been a breath of fresh air that has addressed various topics. It has opened my mind and my heart to… ultimately play, laugh, love, explore as my creative ‘kid’ deserves.”

Bernice Stott is the course facilitator. Her background as a professional speaker, trainer and experienced counsellor sparks motivation in people to rediscover their talents. Informed by a broad spectrum of life and professional experience, her leadership skills and interest in creativity help people revitalise their creative 

For more information, or to book contact 083 343 8994. A confirmed booking will require R1000.00 deposit. Participants are requested to buy their own copy of the book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron which can be purchased locally.  

The next Artist’s Way course:
La Lucia: 08 February – 26 April 2023
Wednesday Evenings 17:00 to 19:15  
64 Armstrong Avenue Unit 2, La Lucia Office Park La Lucia, 4051
Cost: R2850 p.p. early bird before 31 January or 3 instalments of R1000.00


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