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“Art evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist” Réne- Francois Magritte.

The human narrative holds mystery for me and is at the centre of my work.  I am also intrigued by the female body in contemporary South Africa. Currently I am painting and making sculpture although photography has led me to into the media of video and performance art. A post graduate degree in Drama was followed by a Masters in Fine Arts at Durban University of Technology and I taught in the Drama and Performance Studies Department (UKZN) for several years. Art making feeds my soul: it is a place of solitude yet it provides me with an engagement of both my internal and external life.

– Take A Look Through My Artist’s Timeline Below – 

1980 - 1999

1980 – Bachelor of Arts, University of Natal

1981 – Bachelor of Arts Honours (Cum Laude), University of Natal

1995 – 2000 Natal Society of the Arts, Pascale Chandler Group Exhibitions

1997 – Theological Education by Extension, Diploma in Theology (with distinction)

2000 - 2004

2000 – National Diploma in Fine Arts (with distinction), Technikon Natal

2001 – Won Technikon Natal Research Day Prize: Faculty of Arts

2002 – Natal Society of the Arts Solo Exhibition, “The colours that come back to you from the world”

2002 – Bachelors Degree in Technology Fine Arts (Cum Laude), Technikon Natal

2003 – Artspace Durban Group Photography Exhibition: “Hypo” Curator: Dean Elliott

2003 – Artscene Cafe Solo Exhibition: “Skye”

2004 – An Evaluation Of Resistances In Selected Works Of Jane Alexander, Jenny Saville and Tracy Rose between 1900 and 2001. In: International Workshop on Gender and Visuality Workshop Papers. Conference held at the University of the Western Cape, Bellville

2004 – Natal Society Of The Arts Group Exhibition: “Triptych” Curator: Janse Van Rensburg

2004 – Pulse Project HIV(E). Pulse is a partner with RAIN – Rijks Artisits Initiative Network and is the brainchild of Rijks Academy in Amsterdam, Holland

2005 - 2009

2005 – Bharucha, R. Stott, B. and Mrobo, N. (eds.) 2005. Tangencya Conversations: The Politics of Touch. Durban, Printer: Art Printers

2005 – artSPACE Durban. Master’s Solo Exhibition: “She-Flesh-Spirit”

2005 – KwaZulu Natal Society of the Arts Group Exhibition: “Centenary” Curator: Storm Janse Van Rensburg

2005 – Won the Durban Institute of Technology Research Day Prize: Faculty of Arts

2005 – KwaZulu Natal Society Of the Arts: A photographic book of 106 KwaZulu-Natal Artists in their studios and workspaces. Durban, Printer: Fishwicks

2006 – Durban Art Gallery. Peter Magubane’s “Madiba Man Of Destiny” Co-curator with Jenny Stretton and Carol Brown

2006 – The Reconstitution of African Women’s Spiritualities in the context of the Amazwi Abesifazane (Voices of Women) Project on KwaZulu Natal (1998-2005). Masters dissertation. Durban University of Technology.

2006 – Masters Degree in Technology Fine Arts, Durban University of Technology

2006 – Full time Art and Theatre Director: YMCA International Conference for 1 year

2006 – Durban Art Gallery. “Ubuntu: Striving Together For Life and Peace” Co-curator with Jenny Stretton and Carol Brown

2007 – KZNSA Group Exhibition: “Marks On Paper”. Curators: Pascale Chandler and Marianne Meijer

2007 – 2012 – Chairperson of Umthombo Street Children – South Africa. Oversight of the resident Artist for Umthombo Street Children

2007 – Constitution Hill Women’s Jail Solo Exhibition: “She-Flesh-Spirit”

2007 – Albany Museum Grahamstown Festival Group Exhibition: “Positive 2007” Curator: Carol Brown

2010 - 2013

2010 – The Foundling Museum, London.  “One Voice”.  Group Exhibition.  Curator: John Wroe.

2010 – Durban Art Gallery. “Red Eye Jomba: Body Politic”. Group Exhibition. Curators: David Gouldie and Jenny Stretton.

2010 – The Cape Institute for Architecture. “Working In Warwick”. An exhibition of Dennis Gilbert’s photographs. Curator: Bernice Stott.

2010 – The Quays on Timeball, Durban. “Every One Counts” Group Exhibition. Curator: Joan Martin.

2011 – Durban University of Technology with the KZNSA. “Shut up and sit down”: Censorship and the Arts Seminar. Initiator and Project Manager: Bernice Stott.

2011 – The SA Informal City Exhibition hosted by Architects’ Collective. Curator of the “Working in Warwick” exhibition within the larger exhibition. The Bus Factory, Johannesburg.

2012 – artSPACE, Durban. “Inspiration 3” Group Exhibition. Curator: Karen Bradtke.

2013 – ABSA KKNK, Oudtshoorn. “Tom Waits For No Man” Group Exhibition. Curator: Gordon Froud.

2013 – University Of Johannesburg Gallery. “Tom Waits For No Man” Group Exhibition. Curator: Gordon Froud.

2013 – artSPACE, Durban. “Litmus Skin” Solo Exhibition.

2013 – Grande Provenance Gallery, Franshoek. “Tom Waits For No Man” Group Exhibition. Curator: Gordon Froud.

2013 – Johannes Stegmann Gallery, Bloemfontein. “Tom Waits For No Man” Group Exhibition. Curator: Gordon Froud.

2014 - 2015

2014 – Gallery On Leviseur, Bloemfontein. “Litmus Skin”. In association with Art Source South Africa.

2014 – artSPACE, Durban. “Affordable Art”. Group Exhibition. Curator: Karen Bradtke.

2014 – artSPACE, Durban. “Liquid Light: Forms Drawn From Water”. Solo exhibition.

2015 – Lizamore and Associates. “The Spiritual In The Material”. Group Exhibition. Curator: Les Cohn.

2015/16 – artSPACE, Durban. “13th Annual Affordable Art”. Group Exhibition. Curator: Karen Bradtke.

2015 – artSPACE, Durban. “Anima-Aminus”. Exhibition. Bernice Stott with swany.

2015 – artSPACE, Durban. “Durban – Yesterday, Now and Tomorrow”. Inspiration VI – Group Exhibition. Curator: Karen Bradtke.


2016 - 2018

2016 – KZNSA “Invisible”. Annual Members Exhibition.

2016/17 – artSPACE, Durban. “Affordable Art”. Group Exhibition. Curator: Karen Bradtke.

2017 – KZNSA “Character”. Annual Members Exhibition.

2018 – Artplus Studio 32, Umhlanga. “Everything I Never Told You”. Solo Exhibition.

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I take on commission based art work, for corporate and private collectors.

The Artist’s Way

I am the facilitator of Julia Cameron’s extraordinary book that aims to free people to let themselves be creative. It is a twelve week course: it has taught artists and non-artists to live more creatively through practising an art; or simply to practice the art of creative living. My background as a professional speaker, trainer, lecturer and teacher helps me to motivate people to get excited about rediscovering their talents. I have qualifications in drama, art, theology and Lifeline training which have ignited my interest in coaching people to live purposely and revitalise their creative potential.

The next Artist’s Way course:
Berea, Durban
16 August – 1 November 2018
12 consecutive Thursdays
17:00 to 19:15
Cost: R2450.00

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